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Caller ID

City: Denver, CO
Carrier: Level 3 Communications
Service Type: Unknown
Feedbacks: 1 Reports / Complaints
Overall Rating: Potentially Unsafe
Area Code: 720
Prefix: (720) 457

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May 10, 2019
Caller insists I paid for Dell service of which I never did. I don’t own a Dell. I have called Dell for service in business environment from this phone. But warranty only. Caller is unable to provide the slightest details of what service was provided, tech name, etcetera. Calls me names like idiot and such when I am not receptive to the lies and deception. Total scam number. Dell has been hacked.
Tagged as Dangerous by Anonymous

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Please do note that the location of phone number +1 (720) 457-4316 is but an approximation. This is because of the local number portability rules (LNP), wireless devices and VoIP, the location may vary significantly in some cases.

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Data on certain numbers could be unavailable for different reasons. It could be that the number doesn't exist in open directories like whitepages, yellowpages and reverse phone lookups online. Some scammers tend to use spoofed number which is highly not in service.

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